The following ceremonies are complete in themselves and allow for a wide variety of styles and venues. Most couples will find one that fits them and their situation perfectly. For those who want to be more innovative than the normal flow of a civil wedding ceremony follows this outline:

The Processional
Presentation of the Bride
Opening Remarks to Guests
Remarks to the Couple
Impediment declaration
The Pledge / Answer: I do.
Counsel to Wedding Guests
Guidance to Couple
The Vows
The Exchange of Rings
Declaration of Marriage
Signing of the Register
Presentation of the Bride and Groom

The three legal necessities for every wedding ceremony are: impediment declaration, marriage vows and a declaration of marriage.

Other matters are optional and adjustable, but are natural parts to a normal ceremony.

Items such as musical performances, readings and symbolic representations may also be included.

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1.  From the Past
2.  Together
3.  A New Level
4.  Hand in Hand
5.  Loving and Giving
6.  Share the Joy
7.  Best Friends
8.  Intimate Relationship
9.  Delight
10. Selfless Love
11. Enhancing Life
12. Enriched by Love
13. Fulfillment
14. Encouragement


15. Life Long Companion
16. Filled with Wonder
17. Sense of Wonder
18. Cherish
19. Basic Civil
20. Your Shelter
21. Basic_Civil  – simplified (ESL)
22. Basic_Happily_Civil  – simplified (ESL)
23. Unequalled Civil
24. Brief Civil– simplified language (ESL)
25. Love Forever, Like for Always
26. Happily “I Do” Only
27. Mingling
28. Very Short “I Do” Only
29. Beautiful Blend – with memorial, recognition and water ceremony
30. Never Stop Holding Your Hand
31. Surrounded by Love

32. Union of Two



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